[78-L] Facebook, too

Dennis Flannigan dennis.flannigan at gmail.com
Sat Apr 5 09:13:17 PDT 2014

Facebook is where newbies, youngsters or any agesters can discover 78's.
Some don't even know there are such things as 78 rpm records. So, when they
stumble across a reference, a FB search works.

They're not looking for list services until they're really hooked. Both can
exist in the same universe. However buttonhooks are used by fewer and fewer

Plus, discussions there are simple, and expandable. Just click on the
member name posting to FB and then click on the message button to comment
directly with the person posting with your direct response for them only.
It's a way to meet a legendary, or knowlegable collector or discuss a
posting mano y mano, or person to person, or whomever however you want.


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