[78-L] Info wanted GENERAL Records G-10 Belgian Congo Denis-Roosevelt Expedition

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Wed Apr 2 14:41:33 PDT 2014

I've had a couple of individual discs from the set and I seem to recall 
pasted-on labels.


On 4/2/2014 5:31 PM, Benno Häupl wrote:
> .
> Thomas,
> I sold 3 complete sets (1 Gerneral and 2 Reeves - with booklets) in the last
> couple of years on eBay. I kept a Reevse album with original 18p. glossy paper booklet.
> The identical General booklet was printed on very bad quality paper.
> As for musical content, both albums contain the very same couplings, but there are
> more details on the Reeves labels.  Actually, there was also a Belgian issue of
> this album. Forgot the name of the label (I think it was DENIS-ROOSEVELT). I had
> individual records from it that I sold along with some 750 other African 78s on eBay
> over the last 3 years.
> I also have a copy of page 27 from an undated GENERAL catalog presenting this album
> on 3/4 of that page.
> "DARK RAPTURE - Stirring Rhythms and Unusual Melodic Tunes as Played and Sung by
> the People of the Great Equatorial Forest of the Belgian Congo. Taken from the Sound
> Track of the Denis-Roosevelt Expedition "Dark Rapture".
> This GENERAL catalog page also quotes a lengthy paragraph from an undated TIME
> MAGAZINE record review.
> Get in touch with me offline if you want scans or anything else.
> Benno
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