[78-L] DUST BOWL BALLADS - Woody Guthrie (Victor) (Thomas Stern)

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Hi Thomas,

I engineered the BUDDHA (BMG) CD which was released in 2000.

Comparing various transfers which had been done previously,
with my transfers of some metal parts which BMG sent to me,
I decided to use the 1969 transfers made by Jim Crotty. Using 
his transfers, I was responsible for noise removal and CD mastering.

The production credits on this album are extensive (about 50
people got their names on it!), and if you need to see them I'll
scan the relevant page of the booklet for you.

I added the catalog number in red below.

I also have a copy of the Victor ledger sheet if you want to see it, 
but it appears you already have all the matrix/take numbers!

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> Would greatly appreciate session details (recording dates and matrix/take numbers)
> for the 1940 Victor Woody Guthrie recordings.
> Also, I've listed the various releases of the recordings - for some I have little or questionable
> information.  If you have any corrections or additions, please update this list.  THANKS!
> Best wishes, Thomas.


> BUDDHA/RCA UPC: 74465 99724 23                                CD 2000
>  Production credits ???????????????????????
>  producers: Rob Santos, Nora Guthrie, Glenn Korman
>  liner notes by Dave Marsh & Woody Guthrie
>  Catalog number 7446599724 2
> 1. The (Dust Storm Disaster) Great Dust Storm
> 2. I Ain't Got No Home
> 3. Talking Dust Bowl Blues
> 4. Vigilante Man
> 5. Dust Can't Kill Me
> 6. Dust Pneumonia Blues
> 7. Pretty Boy Floyd
> 8. Blowin' Down the Road (I Ain't Gonna to Be Treated This Way)
> 9. Tom Joad (Part 1)
> 10. Tom Joad (Part 2)
> 11. Dust Bowl Refugee
> 12. Do Re Mi
> 13. Dust Bowl Blues
> 14. Dusty Old Dust (So Long It's Been Good to Know Yuh)
> 15. Dust Bowl Blues - (alternate take)

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