[78-L] Flexo Record questions

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Fri Mar 14 13:08:37 PDT 2014

Just acquired my first Flexo Record. This is a 10" record "Recorded and 
Produced by UNITY SCHOOL OF CHRISTIANITY (Record Dept.) 917 Tracy, 
Kansas City, Mo.

Original sleeve too, although it is torn. "Play With New Steel Needle" 
it says, and "Keep Record Lying Flat"

406-A is A MESSAGE OF JOY In My Neighbor's Garden (Nevin) Piano 
Interpretation by Mrs. Arthur Comstock. 406-B, by the same performer, is 
A MESSAGE OF PEACE Adagio from Sonata Pathetique (Beethoven)

I haven't played it yet.

Is this a vanity record? Why produce a vanity record as a Flexo instead 
of the usual shellac? I assume this is not breakable, and has a  quieter 
surface. Other advantages?

Would a steel needle not wear out such a record? It certainly is soft, 
and  apparently warpable, hence the admonition to keep it lying flat. It 
also is translucent, reminds me of a lacquer, except there is no base.

I have a hard time imagining that such a record would survive long under 
a steel needle.

Joe Salerno

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