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Michael Biel mbiel at mbiel.com
Sat Feb 1 19:37:25 PST 2014

No, they are acoustical, using a code practice buzzer by the horn.  Many
of them had voice included.  The set on OKeh was credited to Jack Binns
who was a hero radio operator on the Republic when it sank in a
collision in Jan 1909.  I do not know if the voice is Binns or if he
only operated the code buzzer.

Edison himself made a recording of his code sending, which are just
clicks of a telegraph sounder.  I included it on the LP "Edison Speaks"
on Mark 56 Records.

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Anybody ever played one of these? If they are recordings of a real 
telegraph signal, would they not qualify - in some fashion - as 
electrically made records? Pretty good feat for 1918, methinks.

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