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I have the whole set. There are six records in all in the set. They came in there own Album, and the Front states the Following: Marconi Victor Course in Wireless Telegraphy: Wireless telegraph may be taken up as a profession or as a means of amusement. Interest in it and its development has rapidly spread throughout the world. A system of teaching has been evolved by the Victor Talking Machine Company, in collaboration with the Marconi Institute of New York. For this the victrola is employed, with six double faced Victor records and the book of instructions contained herein. The records prove an admirable means of instruction, not only for beginners but for advanced students, though the simple expedient of varying the speed of the Victrola. In so doing the spark pitch and speed of reproduction can be varied at will. With these records the student may have the same unlimited practice as he would if a skilled operator were "sending" or instructing him from a distance. 

I have the little instruction book around also. Once I track it down, I believe there is a date in it. 

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Someone on one of the Facebook pages devoted to 78s or phonos posted some 
pics of a Victor morse code training record. I think they had 101 and were 
wondering about the low number. I just turned up another record in that 
set. Now I can't find the original posting. Drat. 

Ron L 

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