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Mike Harkin xxm.harkin at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 17 02:09:25 PST 2013

Has anybody done a Max Reger marathon?  Or Hans Pfitzner [who EMI even
admits in their Composer in Person series, is a second-rate composer]?

Mike in Plovdiv

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On 17/12/2013, Valerie Langfield wrote:

> Yes, BBC Radio 3 did do a Mozart marathon a year or two ago; it seemed
> to me that there were pieces which, had they been attributed to
> anybody else, would never have got an airing.
That is what makes these marathons worth while. You get a better idea of
the true range of a great composer's work, so you can hear how the
famous works fit in amongst his general output.

It is easy to assume that great geniuses produce only masterpieces. 

Don Cox
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