[78-L] Edward VIII Abdication Records

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Sun Nov 10 15:39:51 PST 2013

I'll be listing some other royal stuff this evening, including a nice copy of 
George & Mary's Empire Day Address (it LOOKS nice, but that thing is always 
hard to hear because of the poor recording made at Buckin'am Palace) and a near 
mint set of the Coronation of HM Queen Elizabeth II.


On 11/10/2013 6:32 PM, Sammy Jones wrote:
> Can you transcribe the label info for us?  The catalog number (if any) and
> matrix number would be helpful.
> Are there any announcements other than Reith's "This is Windsor Castle..."?
> Sammy Jones
>> I have a couple of the ones you've mentioned below, and I can add one
>> other - white label, blue shellac 10 inch pressing with a plain white
>> label and black print.  I assume this is a West Coast pressing, but
>> there's no indication whatsoever as to who pressed this one.
>> Sean
>> On Nov 10, 2013, at 5:33 AM, Sammy Jones wrote:
>>> Okay...how many of these things were there?  I thought I had a pretty
>>> nice
>>> collection of Edward VIII Abdication records on 78, but just came across
>>> three different variations on eBay that I don't have (I snapped two of
>>> them
>>> up).  Has anyone put together a list or discography?
>>> To get the ball rolling, here are the commercial 78 pressings I have of
>>> the
>>> speech:
>>> King's Farewell Speech, Brunswick 7810 (mx. 20404/20405), 10"
>>> Farewell Address of King Edward VIII, no maker, gold foil label (mx. 6635
>>> #1
>>> / 6735 P2 ((the 3 and P are reversed in the wax))), 12"
>>> Abdication Speech of King Edward VIII, no maker, white label (MS-A
>>> 1523/MS-A
>>> 1524), 12"
>>> And a 10" shellac pressing with a white label bearing only PART 1 in
>>> large
>>> type (mx XX1/XX2).  Someone has written "A limited issue by the BBC.
>>> 1937."
>>> in pen on the label.  Nothing whatsoever on the reverse side white label.
>>> By the way, my favorite copies are two 12" vinyl pressings (one at 78 and
>>> one at 33 1/3) by Victor that were apparently made for Hal Wallis (the
>>> movie
>>> producer).  The 33 disc is one-sided and has that lovely RCA spiderweb
>>> pattern on the back.  The one-sided 33's matrix number is VIS-6141-56.
>>> The
>>> two-sided 78's matrix numbers are VIS 6145 and VIS 6146.
>>> I'd love to know if anyone has ever encountered similar vinyl pressings
>>> of
>>> the Abdication Speech like these!
>>> I'll post details of the discs I'm getting from eBay once they arrive.
>>> Sammy Jones
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