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On 04/11/13 21:59, Don Chichester wrote:
> I came upon these two jazz Lps and would like info on their contents.
> Crown 5288 Dave Brubeck Quartet, Paul Desmond Quartet, Cal Tjader:
>         At a Perfule Counter;  Purple Moon;  Jazz Latino
> Who does what?
> Sutton SSU 289  Featuring Teddy Wilson
>      Where does this come from?
> Many thanks!
> Don Chichester
> _______________________________________________
Here is the Wilson info:

Teddy Wilson Quintet:

Charlie Shavers (tp) Red Norvo (vib) Teddy Wilson (p) Al Hall (b) Specs 
Powell (d) Maxine Sullivan (vcl)

New York, January 15, 1945

5234-6This heart of mine (ms vcl)Musicraft 317, MVS-502, Sutton SU394, 

MVSCD59 [CD], Proper (E)IntroCD2058 [CD]

5238-3Bugle call ragMusicraft 318, MVS-502, MGM 30564, (E)EP648,

(F,G)65055, Time-Life STL-J14, Sutton SSU289,

Musicraft MVSCD59 [CD]

5239-4Runnin' wildMusicraft 319, MVS-502, MGM 30561, (E)EP586,

MGM (F,G)65055, Musicraft MVSCD59 [CD]

5240-2I surrender dear (*)Musicraft 318, MVS-502, MGM 30562, (E)EP586,

(F,G)65055, Allegro LP4024

5241-1Memories of youMusicraft 318, MVS-502, MGM 30564, (E)EP586,

(F,G)65055, Musicraft MVSCD59 [CD], Best of Jazz

(F)4044 [CD]

Note: MGM 30561/62/64 (78 rpm) were issued in album MGM-129 and also 
issued as K30561/2/4 (45 rpm) in album K129.

All titles from MGM (F,G)65055 also on MGM E129.

All titles, except (*), also on Discovery (Jap)VACM-3506 [CD].

All above titles also on Classics (F)908 [CD].

Teddy Wilson Sextet:

Buck Clayton (tp) Ben Webster (ts) Teddy Wilson (p) Al Casey (g) Al Hall 
(b) J.C. Heard (d)

Barbizon Plaza Hotel by wire to Empire Studios, New York, August 14, 1945

5296-1If dreams come trueMusicraft MVS-502, MGM (F,G)65055, Musicraft

MVSCD59 [CD], Neatwork (Au)RP2032 [CD]

5296-5If dreams come trueMusicraft 336, MVS-502, Parlophone (E)R3219,

MGM(E)EP648, E129, (Jap)LGM2014, Classics

(F)908 [CD], Best of Jazz (F)4046 [CD]

5297-1I can't get startedMusicraft 332, MVS-502, MGM (Jap)MGM73, Allegro

LP4024, Time-Life STL-J21, Classics (F)908 [CD],

Musicraft MVSCD59 [CD]

5297-2I can't get startedMusicraft MVS-502, MGM (E)EP648, E129,

(Jap)LGM2014, (F,G)65055, Neatwork (Au)RP2032 [CD]

5298-2Stompin' at the SavoyMusicraft 332, MVS-502, Allegro LP4024,

Classics (F)908 [CD], Best of Jazz (F)4044 [CD],

Musicraft MVSCD59 [CD]

5298-3Stompin' at the SavoyMusicraft MVS-502, MGM (E)EP586, E129,

(Jap)LGM2014, (F,G)65055, Neatwork (Au)RP2032 [CD]

5299-3Blues tooMusicraft 336, MVS-502, MGM (E)EP648, E129,

(Jap)LGM2014, (F,G)65055, Parlophone

(E)R3046, Sutton SSU289, Classics (F)908 [CD],

Musicraft MVSCD59 [CD], Jazz Archives

(F)158682 [CD]

Note: Time-Life STL-J21 incorrectly lists take 2 on Mx. 5297.

Best of Jazz (F)4046 [CD] titled "Buck Clayton - His Best Recordings 
1937-1946"; rest of CD by others.

Jazz Archives (F)158682 [CD] titled "Buck Clayton Story 1937/45"; rest 
of CD by others.

Above titles from Musicraft MVSCD59 [CD] also on Discovery 
(Jap)VACM-3506 [CD].

New York, May 2, 1946

5476All of meMusicraft 372, MVS2008, MGM K30413, E3093,

(E)EP599, (F,G)65055

5477HallelujahMusicraft 370, MVS2007, MGM K30414, E3093,

(E)EP599, Polydor (E)623274, Musicraft MVSCD59

[CD], Discovery (Jap)VACM-3506 [CD]

5478You're my favorite memoryMusicraft 369, MVS2008, MGM K30413, Sutton 

5479Long ago and far awayMusicraft 372, MVS2008, MGM K30411, E3093,

Polydor (E)623274

Note: MGM K30411/13/14 (78 rpm) were issued in album K100.

All above titles also on MGM E100, Classics (F)997 [CD].

Teddy Wilson Quartet:

Charlie Ventura (ts) Teddy Wilson (p) Remo Palmieri (g) Billy Taylor, 
Sr. (b) Sarah Vaughan (vcl)

New York, November 19, 1946

5809Time after time (sv vcl)Musicraft 462, MVS2001, Everest FS271, Allegro

LP3080, Sutton SSU289, 293, Parlophone (E)R3235,

Arc (E)EP71, Presto (E)687, Classics (F)989 [CD],

LaserLight 15 744 [CD], Musicraft MVSCD-57 [CD],

The Jazz Factory (And)JFCD22816 [CD], Flapper

(E)7809 [CD]

5810Moon faced, starry eyedMusicraft 462, MVS2001

5811September song (sv vcl)Musicraft 446, MVS2001, MGM (F)65055, Bulldog

(E)BDL1009, Allegro LP3080, LP4006, Bell 41,

Everest FS271, Ember (E)3333, Classics (F)989 [CD]

LaserLight 15 744 [CD], Musicraft MVSCD-57 [CD],

The Jazz Factory (Sp)JFCD22816 [CD], Flapper

(E)7809 [CD]

5812Moonlight on the GangesMusicraft 446, MVS2001, Allegro LP4031

Note: Musicraft MVSCD-57 [CD] titled "Sarah Vaughan - Tenderly"; rest of 
CD by Sarah Vaughan.

All above titles also on Classics (F)997 [CD].

      Julian Vein

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