Mark Durenberger Mark4 at durenberger.com
Thu Oct 17 07:13:03 PDT 2013

(Please forgive any cross-posting)

After several years of work the E-book: "CONNECTING THE CONTINENT: AT&T AND 
THE RADIO NETWORKS" is now available for free download.

We chronicle AT&T's early history, the emergence of "Wired Radio" and the 
company's pioneering in commercial broadcasting.  There's detail on how the 
radio networks were built out and operated; the story enriched with audio, 
video and photos.

We follow AT&T Long Lines as they developed the technologies for 
network-broadcast transmission through the 1940s---from early voice to RF 

The e-book should be of interest if you ever dealt with 'the phone company' 
in your broadcast work.

...It should also be a good read for the Hopelessly Curious.

If you'd like a free copy, please contact me OFF-LIST for a 7mb .pdf file. 
All Rights Reserved.


Mark Durenberger 

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