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Bert Shefter didn't do the score to "Plan 9 From Outer Space".That was done by one Gordon Zahler.I have it on DVD.I remember extracting a section of it and turning it into a 32 bar tune some ten years ago.It was a melody I heard about a half hour into the movie.I wrote it on slide trombone.It had a Glenn Miller type sound to it.You could barely hear it;there wasn't more than 18-24 bars to it.The melody wasn't very well recorded.I just got through looking at Bert Shefter's bio at the IMDb website.

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He's the guest on the Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street program 8-11-41 DJD
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I've always wanted to hear more Burt Shefter stuff. He and Morton Gould did piano duets for Associated back in the 1930s..never run across any of those. And he's on the back of the Tommy Dorsey "Are All My Favorite Bands Playing" with something called "The Burglar's Revenge", IIRC.Didn't know he did Plan 9. Wasn't there a soundtrack album (bootleg) in the 70s?dlOn 10/15/2013 5:51 PM, Julian Vein wrote:> I was watching a 1961 film called "Anatomy Of A Psycho" in which some of> the music was identical to that from "Plan 9 From Outer Space", which> was written by Bert Shefter. Shefter doesn't get a credit in this later> film. It was credited to Michael Terr (as "Manuel Francisco").>> What was weird that after watching it I put on an episode of "One Step> Beyond", which featured Pamela Lincoln, who was also in in "Anatomy".> Explain that John Newland...>> Julian Vein_______________________________________________78-L mailing
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