[78-L] DOLPHIN Records (NY, cabaret)

Thomas Stern sternth at attglobal.net
Tue Oct 15 19:07:05 PDT 2013

Thanks to everyone who responded to my query.
Here is the final list - total output 9 albums.

Does anyone know if the two GRETA KELLER albums have appeared on CD ???
(Since these are P.D. outside the USA, it is possible they have been reissued......)

Anyone have information about Freddie Wacker ??? -
 internet hits indicate he was also a race car driver.  Some members of the band
have a BIX and SATCHMO connection. The only other WACKER recording I see is a 1954 SONS OF BIX
album (Squirrel Ashcraft).

Best wishes, Thomas.


575 Madison Avenue
New York 22, NY

NOTE: Dolphin albums were a product of DOUBLEDAY BOOK STORE
      Active c.1954-1962
      now owned by DRG Records (Hugh Fordin)

1  Cyril Ritchard                      odd songs & a poem       Stuart Ross, piano
    excerpts(-2 tracks) DRG 19009  John Murray Anderson's ALMANAC (CD 1999)

2  Nancy Walker                        I Can Cook Too           David Baker, piano
    DRG MRS 909 I Can Cook Too (LP 1977)
    SEPIA 1090  My Square Laddie (CD 2007)
                [Includes FOREMOST FMLS-1  My Square Laddie, DOLPHIN 2 Nancy Walker]

3  Elaine Stritch                      Stritch                  orchestra Deane Kincaide
    DRG 91434 +1 track (CD 1995)

4  Portia Nelson                       Autumn Leaves            Norman Paris Trio
    DRG 11451 (CD 1998) - paired with Columbia ML 5177 Love Songs for a Late Evening

5  Greta Keller                        XII O'CLOCK              The Norman Paris Trio

6  Julie Wilson                        LOVE                     Phil Moore arranger-director
    Fresh Sound 6 / 17570 (CD 2000)

7  Hermione Gingold                    la gingold               Buster Davis
    DRG MRS 902 la gingold (LP 1983)
    DRG 19009  John Murray Anderson's ALMANAC (CD 1999)

8  Greta Keller                        This Is My Vienna        Walter Grimm, piano

9  Freddie Wacker                      Windy City Seven         Freddie Wacker, drums ; Ralph Blank, piano ; Bob Burnet, trumpet,
arranger ;
                                                                Spencer Clark, saxophone, arranger ; Reimer R. Hoffmann, bass ;
                                                                Russ Phillips, trombone ; Charlie Spero, clarinet.

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