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Sherwood recorded my favorite version of "Cotton Tail" on an early black label Capitol. 


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> Bobby Sherwood was actually golfing with Johnny Mercer when Johnny got the idea to start Capitol, and IIRC from very early on Johnny and Bobby were agreed Bobby would be with Capitol.
> Sherwood's band is still very underrated (particularly the stuff from about '44, less so '42) if you like Basie and Herman and who doesn't.
> Joseph Scott
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>> The Bobby Sherwood date was done in LA, but with another different matrix series. The AMO prefix comes from C.P. MacGregor which recorded a lot of Capitol's early sides. Dunno if these were recorded on spec and then sold to Capitol or if Wallichs just forgot to assign numbers to the session. DJD Visit the Blue Pages: the Encyclopedic Guide to 78 RPM Party Records http://www.hensteeth.com -----Original Message----- From: David Weiner [mailto:djwein at earthlink.net] Sent: Monday, October 14, 2013 03:50 PM To: '78-L Mail List', 78-L at 78online.com Subject: Re: [78-L] Capitol Records during the recording ban The Ray McKinley date was done in NY, with a different matrix series (andat least additional three unissued titles). The Bobby Sherwood date wasdone in LA, but with another different matrix series. And master #77 was"Mr. Anthony's Blues," a Johnny Mercer-Ella Mae Morse-Freddy Slackcollaboration from the July 31, 1942 Slack date. It was issued on theMosaic Select Freddie Slack C
> D set few years ago.Dave WeinerOn 10/14/13 4:34 PM, "Harold Aherne" wrote:>I don't own the Ruppli-Daniels-Novitsky's CD-ROM discography for Capitol,>so I only know bits and pieces regarding its recording dates, usually>drawn from what has appeared in other discographies or has been compiled>for given performers. From these, however, it doesn't seem that Capitol>did much, or perhaps any, recording during the first AFM strike.>>Matrix 76 was "I Lost My Sugar in Salt Lake City" by Johnny Mercer with>Freddie Slack's orchestra, recorded 31 July 1942. Matrix 78 was "Old>Acquaintance" by Jo Stafford, cut on 1 5 October 1943. Does anyone know>the contents of #77?>>It also appears that Capitol leased some masters from outside sources (or>used a different numbering system?) for a few pre-ban sides, like those>on catalogue nos. 107 and 123 (Bobby Sherwood), 117, 128 and 131 (Ray>McKinley), 136 (Ceele Burke) and 139 (King Cole Trio). The latter two are>cross-referenced in the Online 78 
> Discography as being on Exclusive and>Excelsior. Can anyone shed light on them?>>For the record (pardon the pun), there was at least one rejected side>among Capitol's April-July 1942 output -- matrix 32, "I'm Old Fashioned",>by Paul Whiteman's orchestra with Martha Tilton as vocalist, from 12>June. It was finally released on CD in 1995. According to the second>volume of Don Rayno's Whiteman biography, PW only had two pre-ban>sessions with Capitol, 5 and 12 June. He didn't record for them in April,>as Rust's ADBD states.>>Sources:>http://www.78discography.com/Capitol100.htm>http://web.cfa.arizona.edu/wes tonstafford/JoDiscography.pdf>>-HA>_______________________________________________>78-L mailing list>78-L at klickitat.78online.com>http://klickitat.78online.com/mailman/listinfo/78-l_______________________________________________78-L mailing list78-L at klickitat.78online.comhttp://klickitat.78online.com/mailman/listinfo/78-l _______________________________________________ 78-L ma
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