[78-L] Shirley Temple on Japanese Polydor

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I borrowed a spare Urim and Thummim from Joseph Smith. Well, actually the recording date is provided in the description below the video. 

If it is Temple singing, the date could be problematic, as she was possibly working on WEE WILLIE WINKIE into March 1937. HEIDI was filmed from May to July. She did verifiably visit Honolulu that year, sailing from Los Angeles on 30 July and arriving on 5 August. She left Honolulu on 21 August; I don't know whether she used her trip as an occasion to visit Japan.

"Dtsch" is sometimes used as an abbreviation for "Deutsch" in the names of societies and organisations, although I can't guess the significance here. The Youtube uploader would be a better person to ask.


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 Where did you get this recording
 date?  The matrix number isn't shown on
 the video.  What does Dtsch mean under her name? 
 Deutsch?  Why is the
 label credit in German "mit orchster"?
 Mike Biel  mbielk at mbiel.com 
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 Subject: [78-L] Shirley Temple on Japanese Polydor
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 Some time ago there was a thread here discussing Shirley
 Temple's lack
 of commercial recordings. Actually, she made at least one--a
 pair of
 Japanese nursery rhymes recorded in Tokyo on 11 March 1937,
 issued on
 Polydor 2409 (don't know what was on the other side). 
 How many Western artists recorded in Japan at the time?
 There were also
 a couple of sides by Weintraubs Syncopators on Japanese
 Columbia in
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