Ray Kilcoyne kil at roadrunner.com
Tue Aug 27 12:44:09 PDT 2013

Yes the first time.  Who's Jenny?
From: David Lennick
Meaning that Jack could have been Jenny?
David Lennick wrote:
> "Jack" as in jackass?
Ray Kilcoyne wrote:
>> Thanks guys.  That's exactly why I asked.  Jack was born January 14, 
>> 1938.
>> As the rumor goes , that is why Allan named his son "Jack".  Get it?
>> The Victor Red Seal has the Nat Shilkret Orchestra backing.  I have 5 or 
>> 6
>> recordings by Jones (none on 78) and I just listened to all of them. 
>> They
>> are all different length crops from the soundtrack of "The Firefly" with 
>> the
>> MGM Studio Orchestra, so I can't check the goof David mentions.  Even the
>> track on RCA's 60 Years of Music America Loves Best Vol. II uses the
>> soundtrack version.
>> Related question...
>> Is there no longer any way to search Ty's discography?  I thought it 
>> would
>> be easy since I had the record label number, but I couldn't locate his
>> listing.
>> The Honking Duck site now seems to charge for a search.
>> RayK
>> From: David Lennick
>> Don't have Rust's CED handy, but the story I heard years ago was that it 
>> was
>> the same day or night Allan's son Jack was born, which could have 
>> accounted
>> for
>> his absent-mindedness (he totally misses the first couple of words in the
>> second verse).
>> Hollywood, January 13, 1938.
>>        Julian Vein

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