Ray Kilcoyne kil at roadrunner.com
Tue Aug 27 09:37:48 PDT 2013

Thanks guys.  That's exactly why I asked.  Jack was born January 14, 1938. 
As the rumor goes , that is why Allan named his son "Jack".  Get it?
The Victor Red Seal has the Nat Shilkret Orchestra backing.  I have 5 or 6 
recordings by Jones (none on 78) and I just listened to all of them.  They 
are all different length crops from the soundtrack of "The Firefly" with the 
MGM Studio Orchestra, so I can't check the goof David mentions.  Even the 
track on RCA's 60 Years of Music America Loves Best Vol. II uses the 
soundtrack version.
Related question...
Is there no longer any way to search Ty's discography?  I thought it would 
be easy since I had the record label number, but I couldn't locate his 
The Honking Duck site now seems to charge for a search.
From: David Lennick
Don't have Rust's CED handy, but the story I heard years ago was that it was
the same day or night Allan's son Jack was born, which could have accounted 
his absent-mindedness (he totally misses the first couple of words in the
second verse).
Hollywood, January 13, 1938.
     Julian Vein 

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