[78-L] Teddy Grace - interesting piece "pinched" from anothergroup

Dingo roadie at btinternet.com
Fri Aug 23 15:07:35 PDT 2013

[78-L] Teddy Grace - interesting piece "pinched" from another group
Nigel Burlinson burlinson at orange.fr
Thu Aug 22 13:36:03 PDT 2013


'Teddy Grace Once lost, now found'


Thanks for the posting, Nigel, most interesting.

I 'found' Teddy Grace back around 1980/81 when co-producing the weekly jazz 
show on local radio in Ipswich. We'd received a promo copy of a Jack 
Teagarden compilation LP from MCA and decided to slot a track into the show. 
Syd, my presenter, said "let's try "Love Me or Leave Me" so gave it a spin 
prior to going on-air. We were both amazed, first to hear this 'Teddy' 
wasn't male, then the vocal quality was better than we expected. I twice 
wrote to MCA London for any info on TG and if further releases were pending. 
Never received a reply so airmailed MCA in the US and, almost by return, 
received a letter apologising that they had no info or even a photo but did 
send a photo copy of her Decca contract and of some artist's studio cards. 
These I still have but are not accessible at this time. When/if I can find 
which box they are in out of the many boxes still unpacked since I moved 
home nearly 10 years ago, I will upload them to my Dropbox cloud and post a 
link here.

By about 1991 I had acquired almost all TG's 78s via US auction wins and it 
was about this time or the following year, and I cannot recall how it came 
about, I was in correspondence with David McCain who kindly supplied a 
cassette of some of the tracks I didn't have.
John D
Suffolk, UK 

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