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Thanks, Philip. I do not have Bierley's Sousa books but possibly the 
local college does.
You've given me a great place to start.


On 8/19/2013 12:06 AM, Philip Carli wrote:
> One of Paul Bierley's books on Sousa has a complete list of Sousa Band personnel by seasons employed.  Determining if your friend's grandfather was recorded depends in part on what instrument he played.  If it was an instrument which the band had only one or two of, or one man on a part (low brass, any saxophone, bassoon, oboe) it would be likely, but instruments in sections (clarinets and cornets) might be difficult for acoustic sides and cylinders,which had reduced and flexible personnel in the studio (except that first desk players usually were used).  The Victor logs don't note actual studio player complements until the early 1920s, but those can be used - with discretion - as guidelines for earlier sessions.  All this would also depend on the season(s) he was employed, as the band did not record every year; Bierley's personnel list would have to be cross-referenced with James Smart's Sousa Band discography.  At the end, you might have a pretty good likelihood, at least.
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> Have we got a resident Sousa expert on 78-L?
> I am trying to find out if a friend's grandfather played in one of
> Sousa's units and, if so, whether he was recorded.
> Malcolm

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