[78-L] the song title switcheroo

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And who could ever forget the seductive and romantic tones of Frank 
Bessinger singing on the Goldkette of  "I'd Rather Be The Girl In Your 

I may have mentioned it before,  but none of them can top the Perfect studio 
band recording (can't recall the name they use) with Scrappy Lambert mooing 
all about what he finds "In My Little Hope Chest."

It would be easy to let one's imagination run wild picturing what Scrappy 
might have been doing with a pair of "feathered slippers"  and the 
"daintiest of lingerie."


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> Strangely, in a 1930 film short, Marion Harris sang, "I'm Funny That Way,'
> rather than the expected "He's Funny That Way."
> Dave Weiner
> On 8/11/13 12:58 PM, "Dave Burnham" <burnhamd at rogers.com> wrote:
>>I don't know about a song's gender being changed to accommodate the
>>singer but surely one of the first to be changed to accommodate the
>>singee would be "God save the Queen" changed to "God save the King" in
>>1902 for Edward VII.
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>>On 2013-08-11, at 12:51 PM, Malcolm Rockwell <malcolm at 78data.com> wrote:
>>> I just spotted an Annette Hanshaw record on eBay that got me thinking
>>> know, I know...). It's "Ain't He Sweet?" on Perfect 12353 which closes
>>> in about 2 hours. I have seen many instances where a song title written
>>> to be sung by a man was sung by a woman and vice versa, without
>>> the gender within the tune. But what was the first instance where the
>>> switcheroo was made?
>>> Malcolm
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