[78-L] Lowest Velvet Tone number?

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My lowest numbered Divas not in your current listing are:

2406  Honolulu Moon by Joe Candullo and his Orchestra b/w I'll Take Care of Your Cares by The Astorites
2415 The Doll Dance b/w Just Like A Butterfly That's Caught in the Rain, both by Lou Gold & His Orchestra


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I made a stupid ERROR by looking at an early out-dated version of the 
Harmony-labels manuscript.

Here is a list of the earliest known VT issues (from label images):
1014, 1017, 1020, 
1134, 1141, 
1160, 1176, 1182, 1184.
1209, 1211, 1216, 1224, 1234, 1236, 1241, 1243, 1245,
1254, 1256-57, 1259, 1266, 1268, 1271-73, 1275, 1282-84, 1287-89, 1291-92, 1294-95, 1297, 1299.

At least from ca 1250-V, and poss. from ca. 1200, the records were released 
in a regular (continuous?) series.
It would be useful to know when the VT releases were first mentioned in the trading press.
Sutton-Nauck suggests ca. May 1926 for the VT introduction.
Har 166-H Dixie Stompers was recorded 14 Apr 1926.
Har 189-H Fess Williams was recorded 24 May 1926 .
Har 214-H Lou Gold was recorded 10 July 1926.

Low-numbered known Divas are:
2275-76, 2292
2301, 2334, 2353-54, 2368, 2390, 2392
2408, 2410, 2412-14, 2416, 2418, 2421-22, 2424-27, 2430, 2432-34, 2436-39 etc.
So Diva started with ca. 2400-G, it seems.

Does anyone have VTs before 1250-V and Divas before 2410-G ?

han enderman
>>> VT appeared later.
The lowest numbered issue is 1017-V, Ferera (= Har 17-H), a reissue of a popular release.
Next known VT issues are:
1216-V Ferera again.
1243-V & 1271-V Lou Gold.
1256-57, 1272, 1288 (dance bands)
1292, 1294-95.
Pres. it is still not a current series then. In the 300s are several issues known, but still
with large gaps between the issues.

A similar problem is Diva.
Lowest-numbered reissue is 2275/76-G (= Har 275/276-H) by Charles Hilton & Yuletide Orch.
Next known is 2354-G WMCA Broadcasters.
After 2390-G Diva's become more regular, and pres. the label started at ca. 2400-G.

Albert Kramer is doing research on these labels (I quote from his lists)
and information on the existence of other early numbers is much appreciated.

han enderman
>>> Good question, Harold.  As far as I recall,  the earliest Velvet Tone number 
I have is in the 300s and I don't recall ever seeing any older than that.

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> Was Velvet Tone available as soon as Harmony was introduced, or did it not 
> appear until later? And if that was the case, what's the lowest VT 
> catalogue number that we know of?
> -HA
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