[78-L] Bible on 16 2/3 rpm

Ted Kneebone tkneebone1 at abe.midco.net
Tue Aug 6 09:47:26 PDT 2013

I have the Holy Bible on 16 2/3 discs,
recorded by Audio Book Co., of St. Joseph, MI; 1953.
The New Testament is complete.  The Old
Testament contains only 9 books, from the King James version,
read by Marvin Miller.  
    It is amazing to hear Miller read the genealogy
from Matthew.  He makes it sound interesting, even
    My 2 sets have the large center holes (like 
45s).  The speed adapter is missing from these  
albums, so I played them at 33 1/3 and recorded
them on open reel tape at 7 1/2 ips, played them back at 3 3/4 ips.
    Got the NT done, but still haven't completed the OT.
    Ted Kneebone 
Ted Kneebone
1528 S. Grant Street
Aberdeen, SD 57401
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