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What was K-9?  Get Along Little Doggies?

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Greetings from FixitLand!

Han Enderman wrote:

> K-1 Cowboy Songs - Gene Autry
> K-2 (06296-99) Swing Your Partner / Arkie the Arkansas Woodchopper and His Square Dance Band - reissued Co HL -9009 (10")
> K-3 The Wayfaring Stranger - Burl Ives
> K-4 Theme Songs [Krupa; Masters; Tucker; Brown; Jurgen; Spivak; Basie; Calloway]

Gad, you're right! K-4, not K-2...and I think now it's one of the K-2
discs I have, not K-1...aaaaargh!!

> There were also (at least) 3 unnumbered & untitled albums, to fill with your own selection, for Roy Acuff, Bob Wills & Gene Autrey. 
> The Autrey album lists on its inner front cover the available Autrey records.
> Is it possible that K-1 was issued as an album you could buy to fill with your own choice?
> Or free when you bought 4 Autrey OKs?
> But subsequently OK omitted a number on such albums, but continued the K-series (what is the meaning of K ?).

K = OKeh (cf. C = Columbia [both popular album series]).

Take care,

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