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I think you did the rite thing, since an agreement was already reached 
and money in the process of changing hands. You won't win 'em all. Also 
note that at these kinds of sales you are dealing with amateurs. Even 
with "professional" estate sale dealers, they are frequently clueless. 
So you take things as you find them.

Another thought is to contact these people and ask to have a peek before 
the next sale - get a head start.

joe salerno

On 8/4/2013 10:03 PM, Glenn Longwell wrote:
> The last couple of weekends have been good to me with finding a lot of records.  Not all worth buying but there seems to all of a sudden be more to choose from lately.  Comes and goes I guess.  Luck of the draw as they say.
> I picked up a small collection today that had the Gene Autry Okeh K-1 Cowboy Songs set.  There was also several more Gene Autry Okehs in 10" binders.  Since the set doesn't say which records belong in it, which 4 catalog numbers originally came with this set?
> So here's my question about protocol at an estate sale (garage sale, tag sale, yard sale, whatever you want to call it).  When I first got to the estate sale today the first thing I saw was a cart full of records, mostly LPs with a few 78s.  The guy says he has a bunch more back in the garage.  So I follow him, he mentions something to his mother, who's house he's clearing out, and I chat with her for a minute before searching out this guy who's pulling records out of the garage.  Somehow, I didn't take full notice of everything I walked by as I went from the top of his driveway all the way to the garage.  Five minutes later after I decide to make an offer on all the records and he accepts I take note of what some guy agreed to a price on ($10) and was about to hand money over for.  It was a small key wind cylinder machine.  Pretty sure it was a Columbia Q, along with a horn.  I was pretty mad at myself for making such a "rookie" mistake and
>   missing it.  So here's the moral dilemma I was thinking about.  What if I cut it on that transaction and offered the woman taking the money that I would pay more, after they agreed on a price and he was about to hand her money?  Has this ever happened to anyone?  I didn't do it and would hope that no one ever does that to me so I'm thinking I did the right thing.  Any thoughts?
> I talked with the guy I bought the records from that I wished I had seen that and he even said I should have bid higher on it and started a bidding war.  He had no clue what it was. Then he took me into his basement and showed me a Victor Granada machine that was in bad shape so was basically a parts machine.  There's still another floor to go through and have another sale and he thinks there may be more so I may not have completely lost out on possible interesting phonograph stuff.
> Thanks for letting me ramble on.
> Cheers,
> Glenn
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