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Dan Van Landingham wrote:

> You're right.On Pandora Radio,they show a picture of an RCA Victor 78 of Kenny Clarke's recording of "Epistrophy" and it has the words "Swing Classic" above it.The same was true 
> of the Bunny Berigan Memorial Album set I had years ago on 78.The album was issued on
> RCA Victor rather than Victor:I believe RCA decided to incorporate "RCA" in RCA Victor in '46.

Although you're correct about the change to RCA Victor in January 1946, Musical Smart Set P-134 "Bunny Berigan Memorial Album" was issued in 1942 (it's mentioned in the Victor Record Review, June 1942), and early copies carry Victor labels. (All are Swing Classic, as far as I know.) There are a lot of copies of this album pressed after the 1946 name change.

The June 1942 announcement suggests that the 20-1500 series (Set P-134 consists of 20-1500/3] actually began slightly *before* the end of the 279xx five-digit series (27975 was the last).

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