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On 09/07/13 23:10, Cary Ginell wrote:
> What were the first labels to break the pattern of limiting jazz recordings to three minutes, the standard length for 78 rpm singles? Once the LP was introduced, the technology was there to include longer versions of songs, but many still stuck to the three-minute barrier, possibly hoping that jazz records would cross over and be marketed as singles to the record buying public. I'm guessing Clef and Prestige were the first - (Granz through his JATP concert recordings). Was anyone else recording longer tracks on a regular basis before these two labels? And I'm not talking abou 12-inch singles. I'm talking about 8-10 minute tracks that allow the performers to solo for two to three choruses or more at a time, not just an eight-or-sixteen bar solo.
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Columbia and Vanguard started recording extended performances from 1953. 
Circle recorded "Jammin' at Rudi's" in 1951. I can't remember if they 
were live recordings.

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