[78-L] Canadian Apex 4000 series with OKeh recordings....Barr collection

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Sun Jun 23 20:12:04 PDT 2013

So you're the one! After Keele and Wilby, that is. I haven't reported on Steve 
yet (odd since I probably live the closest), because I'm still trying to find 
out exactly where he is (a nursing home, I'm told) but yes his records were 
sold recently.


On 6/23/2013 10:53 PM, Marcel/Cecilia wrote:
> Recently bought about 20,000 records from Barr's collection. In the
> process of creating a list. I will pull all my Apex discs if there is
> interest please email.
> Marcel
> On 2013-06-23 9:44 PM, Han Enderman wrote:
>> The Canadian Apex 4000 series contains issues from the OKeh 4000
>> series, with the same cat.nr as the OK release.
>> The numerical series is not complete, I assume, since BGR-4 does not
>> mention Apex issues for the OK Mamie Smith recordings.
>> I have label images of 9 issues in the range 4252 (Samuels, rec Jan 1921)
>> - 4564 (Markel, rec Feb 1922), so this is a rare series.
>> QUESTION: what is the range of the Apex 4000 series, issued 1921-1922 ?
>> Which issues are actually known ?
>> These are not in ADBD, and I do not know if ADBORAF lists them.
>> Barr reported that Apex 4000-4024 are not the same as the OKehs
>> with these numbers.
>> Apex 4002 is on ebay and has Shannon Four from OK 4747-4748,
>> rec Oct 1922 and pres. released 1923.
>> This indicates that Apex 4000-4024 were issued after Apex 4564.
>> Is there a list of this small series? Or info on some issues?
>> han enderman

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