[78-L] Gospel 78's - A newsgroup?

Rodger Holtin rjh334578 at yahoo.com
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Don't know of one that would be specifically on gospel 78s per se, although I did run into one that was gospel oriented.  It was run by a guy who specifically dismissed anything pre-Hovie Lister as not being "real gospel."  Best I could tell he thought original 1920s Stamps and Vaughan were too square or something.  Some of the comments I saw indicated the posters were sympatico with that assessment.  Displayed real ignorance of that facet of the subject, in my opinion, so I tuned out real quick.  On the other hand, I think Lister, Jake Hess and JD Sumner all look alike, so what do I know, eh?  Lister did start during the post-war period and certainly could have made a few 78s.  No idea how I found that list, but I was googling (largely in vain) for info about the Stamps Quartet when I found it.

The general taste of The List here tends to run more toward pop music, and  there are some exceptionally knowledgeable folks on classical music as well.  We'd have to consider gospel as a sub-set of pop and it does seem to be an area that lacks much study. 

I have posted questions about Stamps here before and got very little feedback, although I did learn that there were two records issued as Stamps Quartet 101, one in the 1920s and another in the post-war era.  Judging from the zero response I got about a query I posted about a Stamps Quartet record on the White Church label, I must have the only copy in existence.  To be fair, it may be my timing wasn't good and those who could/would reply may not have seen it.  If one is off a few days and the ol' inbox loads with 329 messages from 78-L it's easy to hit delete and start again and hope you didn't miss anything important - as often happens when topics/information changes and the subject line is no longer anywhere near relevant to the topics actually being discussed.  To wit, the answers I needed about the White Church label may have been discussed under the subject line of "Needed: Scans of Russian 78s with Spanish subtitles" or "Thai slave girls." 
 We are an odd, undisciplined lot, to be sure.  Judging from my experience, my guess is that a group just for gospel 78s would be a pretty narrow focus, much like the Yahoo Group for Harry Lauder fans - haven't had a new message from that group since July 2007 (and the members know/knew less discographic information than I have, but have picked up a couple Lauder references on 78-L during the same period.

My advice: change the subject line to a specific question about a specific disc, label, song or performer and ask away.  Somebody just might know - and answer.


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Does anyone know if there is a news group, like this one, that focuses 
on Gospel 78's? My personal interest is post-war gospel 78's, but any 
group would do. Thanks for any info...

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