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differ slightly from Pm/Pur pressed by NYRL (the blue labels).=20
This explains why a dance band title may have 2 rather similar Puritan nrs.=
Triangle was pressed only by BD&M and has the same nr as Puritan-BD&M.
Triangle 11217 is by Samuels Jazz Orch.

han enderman
>>> Han,=20
=A0 Please provide the info you have for one side of the record.
=A0 Wondered if any of the LoC Puritans might be from Paramount - I'll reli=
st them below.
Best wishes, Thomas.

Puritan 11173
Famous 3167=20
The girl I kissed on the stairs / Lawrence Hanray. Performed by Axel Christ=
ensen. Musical monologue. 847.
Teasing the classics / Axel Christenson. Performed by Axel Christensen, pia=
no. Rag-jazz piano solo. 846.=20

Puritan 11202
I certainly was going some / Creamer; Vodery. Performed by Axel Christensen=
. Talk, piano accomp.. 1287.
Sing 'em / Ray Prisby. Performed by Axel Christensen. Talk, piano accomp.. =

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I misread it - thought it was 20017...

On 2013-06-08 00:31, Malcolm Rockwell wrote:
> That was far too easy, Kristjan.
> Han -
> Ty S. doesn't show it on the website and I don't have label scans of
> either side.
> I guess I'll have to consult "The Book."
> Well darn it, Walt Allen's 20000 list doesn't show it, either!
> And neither does the NYRL discog at the University of Wisconsin (which I
> just now discovered!):
> Hmmm... it's very possible 20217 has yet to be identified.
> There are other sources available to me but they are in Europe and
> require my sending out actual letters which can take as much as a two
> week turnaround. Just how bad do you need this info?
> Malcolm
> *******
> On 6/7/2013 11:40 AM, Kristjan Saag wrote:
>> Kristjan
>> On 2013-06-07 22:20, Han Enderman wrote:
>>> Axel Christensen made a few records in the Paramount 20000 series.
>>> Can someone tell me what is on Pm 20217 ?
>>> han enderman
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