[78-L] Famous Labels and other record anomalies in movies

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What about the 1960 Richard Carlson movie "Tormented".The record playing on the phonograph was a batwing 78 bearing the label "MB".The singer was "Vi Mason" who was played by Juli Redding who was Richard Carlson's girlfriend whom he murdered just so he could marry some rich gal.I saw it when it came out.It came out years later on a $5.00 DVD set.

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The Navigator with Buster Keaton?

Sammy Jones

> The Batwing style seems to have been generic among film studios, but 
> there's
> one movie that takes place in the US where a Canadian pressing is clearly
> shown. Actually there are two that come to mind..one is a mock label and 
> the
> other is meant to represent the actual record being played (or it might be 
> the
> same record).
> Anyone know either or both of these?
> dl
>> On 9/16/2012 4:54 PM, DAVID BURNHAM wrote:
>>> I suspect that my memory may be less than perfect but when I was a 
>>> child, I saw a movie called "Blue Gardenia" and the only thing I 
>>> remember about this movie was a close up of - what I remember as - a 
>>> Victor record with, (I think), a Canadian style batwing label.  It has 
>>> been 60 years since I saw this movie, I haven't been able to find it on 
>>> a video or anything since, but that's my recollection.
>>> In the movie 32 films about Glenn Gould or whatever it was called, there 
>>> is a scene where Glenn is urging a chamber maid to listen to his latest 
>>> record.  What he puts on the turntable is a red labeled record.  I don't 
>>> think Glenn Gould ever made a red labeled record.
>>> You often see records playing at the wrong speed - LPs on an old 
>>> acoustic player playing at a 78 ish speed or 78s being played at a 
>>> slower speed, 45 or 33; and many examples of an acoustic player emitting 
>>> high fidelity sound.
>>> db

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