[78-L] Tadd Dameron's "Fontainebleau"

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The composer index of Gray's TB Centennial discog lists no Dameron.

Mike in Plovdiv

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On 6/2/2013 5:15 PM, Julian Vein wrote:
> On 02/06/13 21:26, David Lennick wrote:
>> The appeal to Beecham may have been in the title, since it was where Delius had
>> lived. So maybe there was some enthusiasm on Sir Thomas's part that didn't
>> survive his hearing about the work.
>> dl
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> The reference to a 78 piece orchestra seems fairly specific though.
> PS. Thanks for correcting the subject heading!
>        Julian Vein

Tommy could easily have said "Oh, good show, I'll record it with the 78-piece 
BBC Symphony, don't you know" and that might have been the end of it as far as 
he was concerned. (No I don't know how many pieces the BBC Symphony has..Mr. 
Carli?) Could be another Lieberman Concerto for Jazz Band and Symphony 
Orchestra, which isn't on too many people's top ten lists.

The person to check with is Michael Gray. I'll see if he has any information on it.

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