[78-L] Stamps Quartet

Han Enderman jcenderman at solcon.nl
Wed May 22 12:35:38 PDT 2013

You are misinterpreting Rodger's record, as I did before you mentioned Gnt.
Rodger has red label "Stamps Quartet 100 & 200", not blue "Stamps Record 100".
I still hope it is possible to get label scans or photos of Rodger's postwar labels.
han enderman
You are right, I misread the "mx" when looking at a too small label image,
and thus did not see they were the same.
It appears that this Stamps Record 100 is not the same as the postwar 
Stamps Quartet 100 from Texas, of which I just found a mediocre image at 
and which plays When The Saints.
This also explains the quite different prewar label design.
So it is part of the Gnt personal series & a case of serendipity.

This record & titles not in Russell's CMR, but the Brunswick 27-10-1929 session 
includes V.O. Stamps (recorded in Dallas, Texas !) and this is the only session 
called Quartette instead of Quartet.
>>> Rodger,
I ask again, are there any numbers in the runouts or under the labels 
that do not appear on the labels?
I have come to believe these were recorded by Homer Rodeheaver at one of 
his studios. The two numbers - 20154-A & 20154-B - that appear on the 
labels are actually Gennett issue numbers, even though they were 
seemingly not actually issued on Gennett. This was common within the 
Gennett personal 20000 series.
On 5/20/2013 8:26 AM, Han Enderman wrote:
> I have only scans of 100-A/B, however with dark blue label, with following label info:
> Label name: The Stamps Record
> Logo (at 12 over staff): Stamps Music Co.
> At bottom: The V.O. Stamps Music Co. / Jacksonville, Texas / Chattanooga, Tennessee
> Performers are Stamps Quartette, mxs 20154-A & 20194-B (sic).
> Both titles composed by J.R. Baxter, Jr.
> Not in Gart's ARLD.
> This record was at some time on the Venerable Music auction site, with scans:
> https://www.vmauctions.com/items/item_details.php?id=6508&ItemType=Auctions
> Rodger, can you mail me label images of your records?
> At least the name Stamps Quartet is different !
> han enderman
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> [78-L] Paging any Texas label expert(s)...
> Rodger Holtin
> What is known about the STAMPS QUARTET label?  I have two, # 100 and 200, both red labels clearly state "Recorded by Sellers Co., Dallas, Texas"
> I can guess "post-war era," but any closer dating would be nice.
> Any info welcome.
> Rodger
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