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To Han,  Malcolm,  et al,

My scanner is not working right...I'll see if I can have a friend do it and 
post it to the group.

Someone originally from Baltimore wrote me off line to say that this was one 
of the major department stores in the city,  and I'm sure they had a huge 
music department as they all did back then.


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> Taylor's record is evidently a Personal Record for the Baltimore store.
> Considering the song title, was it a music store?
> The commercial issues of the Al. Colombo tune (on Pm/Pu/Pu-B/Bwy/Ban)
> are coupled with Yoo Hoo, also by Colombo, mxs 902-1/3.
> I was unable to find a regular issue for mx 900, so maybe it is only on 
> this
> custom pressing.
> Taylor, can you mail me scans of both labels of your record?
> han enderman
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>>>> On 21/05/13 23:46, Taylor Bowie wrote:
> Goofy Paramount master
> Anybody ever run into this goofy thing?
> Hochschild,  Kohn & Co. 1897 - 1921 Twenty Fourth Anniversary. #901
> Al Colombo's Golden Glades Orch., Say It With Music - Fox Trot
> It has a spoken introduction which sounds straight out of about 1902...
> noting that the record is made in honor of the 24th anniversay of
> "Baltimore's Best Store."
> The master in the wax says "901-2" and Rust only notes one take of "901"
> issued on Paramount and one other label.
> I thought this was pretty odd that they would do a special second take for
> this department store but maybe the money was right.
> The flip side sounds like it was made up by Steve Allen...label credit is
> "Hobart Smock and Manhattan Male Quartet" doing "Baltimore,  Our 
> Baltimore."
> Master in the wax is 900-2.   The label is #900.
> An amusing oddity,  if nothing else.
>> Taylor
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> ADBORAF shows only 901-1, with the following issues: PM 20072, Ban 1006,
> Bwy 11072, Pur 11072, Pur (B) 11072, Hochschild Kohn 900.
>      Julian Vein
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