[78-L] ARSC conf. Minor corrections to Cary's post

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Mon May 20 06:39:14 PDT 2013

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> You can't stash them in your carry-on bags, though. They made me take them out and run them through separately. Steve, it was one per customer. How come you got 3?
> Cary 
>  Answer to Question # 1 -I ONLY had  a Carry-on and put in a clear plastic bag. Answer to #2. Because you didn't come to the Record sale and BBQ where we were able to take more - and got cookies shaped like records which said RCA on them. (Forgot to take photo). And - for those who get to the end of my "slide show". they'll hear the great band that Chuck Haddix got for us. Sorry you had to leave early. You missed some cool stuff. Steve 		 	   		  

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