[78-L] ARSC conf. Minor corrections to Cary's post

Steve Ramm steveramm78l at hotmail.com
Mon May 20 06:29:55 PDT 2013

> From: soundthink at live.com
>. Phil Rutledge talked about Tom Hoskins' rediscovery of Mississippi John Hurt, Everyone got to take home a 3 oz. sample bottle of Gates BBQ sauce, small enough to get through TSA security, but large enough to cause consternation as my luggage was ransacked to find out what this mysterious little bottle of liquid was. When they saw, the security types said, "Ohhh, that's great stuff!" and let me pass.
> Cary Ginell 
> >It was Phil Ratcliffe (who spoke on Miss. John Hurt). He won ARSC award for his book The Gates sauce was in a bottle clearly marked 3.1 oz (and the OFFICIAL sign-posted limit on liquids is 3 oz). But they let me go with my three bottles. ;-) Steve Ramm 		 	   		  

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