[78-L] Amalgamated inaugural broadcast

Michael Biel mbiel at mbiel.com
Sun May 5 09:28:53 PDT 2013

I've given Jeff Neal's contact info off list.  I do have on reel to reel
the National Archive's transfer, and also somewhere have Neal's CDs
which I think came from a different transfer of the original floppies. 
But am too busy right now getting ready for ARSC.  (Why am talking to
you now, anyway!)

By the way, I have put up just a few of our London photos on facebook --
Yesterday I put up some from the Oxford St. HMV Shoppe.  I'll get more
up if I can get back to the faster upload they had until the recent page
changes.  I got some good stuff from the Science Museum and the Beeb.

Mike Biel  mbiel at mbiel.com

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 Subject: Re: [78-L] Amalgamated inaugural broadcast
 From: David Lennick <dlennick at sympatico.ca>
 Date: Sun, May 05, 2013 12:19 pm
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 I'd be interested in a good transfer as well. I have a very bad one
that Bob 
 Angus sent me on cassettes.
 On 5/5/2013 10:46 AM, Jeff Sultanof wrote:
 > This message is specifically for Dr. Biel, but I thought the rest of
 > list might have some interest.
 > I was going over old e-mails, and I had asked you about the
 > broadcast. You said that Neal Ellis was going to prepare an MP3 of
 > entire broadcast.
 > I just checked the website you supplied, and I can't find it. Has he
 > this available? Is there an e-mail address to contact him directly
 > this?
 > Thank you,
 > Jeff

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