[78-L] Help ? dating 1918-19 Paramounts

dc rw78stuff at comcast.net
Fri Apr 12 19:54:40 PDT 2013

The lack of Paramount particulars has me in a quandry  -- anyone with any solid info, leads, or suggestions on this?  

Paramount 30088,  "Hindustan" by Master Saxophone Sextet is mx 402. That recording (or at least that song, by that group)  is listed in the Jan. 15, 1919 issue of  Talking Machine World , in their "Advance Record Bulletin" -  presumably indicating that the company intended to issue that side soon. I am assuming the record would have already been master before that announcement - at least a couple of weeks before. 


Rudy Wiedoeft made three Paramounts that were issued in the 50000 series, all of which have matix numbers earlier than "Hindustan" (378, 379, and 380) ("Llewellyn Waltz," "Saxophobia" both 50026, and "Valse Erica" 50027). 


Question: Would it be incorrect to estimate that Wiedoeft's sessions for these matrices took place earlier than the "Hindustan" (mx 402) session?   

Doug Caldwell 

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