[78-L] Let's Have A Ding-Dong

Michael Biel mbiel at mbiel.com
Fri Apr 12 14:33:46 PDT 2013

Jonathan Winters might be dead, but the world is no less WEIRD.  Check
out this latest round of insanity that is going on in England.


Please, please, please, all Brits on the list, please go over to I-Tunes
and buy "Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead".  It is at #3 and could be #1 if
all the Brits try.  No matter what your politics, imagine a 1939
recording at #1!!!!!   Leah and I will be in London the morning of the
funeral and I BET that this song will be sung repeatedly during the
procession from Westminster to St. Pauls!!!

Yip Harburg would be so PROUD!!!!!

Mike Biel  mbiel at mbiel.com

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