[78-L] Dismuke/Nauck BRS Show - Time it starts

Kurt Nauck nauck at 78rpm.com
Fri Apr 12 12:11:22 PDT 2013

It is a full 7 hours and we played well over 100 sides (hmmm...wonder 
how many sides a cylinder has?); even so, Brian and I were lamenting 
over the records we didn't have time to play. So it goes, to quote a 
Vogue picture disc.

Yes, I believe Dismuke does begin to roll the show at 10AM our time. 
Go to www.78rpm.com for the full program list and instructions on how 
to tune in. I've even posted a couple of pictures of Brian and I in 
full studio regalia!

At 04:37 PM 4/11/2013, you wrote:
>It has always started at 10 am TEXAS time Joe - if I remember 
>correctly - and repeats. The thing you need to know is how many 
>hours it is (usually 7) so you can figure out when to come back. 
>Will repeat NEXT weekend too. I really look forward to the show! \Steve
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> > I don't see anywhere that it states what time the show begins.
> >
> > When would this be, pls Kurt?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > joe salerno
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