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The Beach Boys record is a microgroove cutting.   I have it.

The Alagna was cut on a vintage lathe, acoustically, so, wouldn't it have to be a wide groove cutting?

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>> 2.5 or 1.0 or .7 mil?    dl
> Philips head screwdriver #0
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I'd have used the kind you get in eyeglass repair kits.

It's a legitimate question, but you're not likely to get a legitimate answer on this list;  how would anybody here know for sure unless they were involved in the manufacturing of the disc.  I'm still not sure what to use to play the 78 of "Good Vibrations" from a couple of years ago nor the EMI 1997 acoustic 78 of Roberto Alagna to commemorate the centenial of EMI.  Cary's answer would be reliable if they are going to use existing metal parts to press the new 78s but it seems these Record Store Day releases are recut afresh.  Good Vibrations, of course, never came out as a 78 so it's a different story, and the Alagna 78 was accompanied by a CD of the recording so there's no need to play the 78.
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