[78-L] 78-L Digest, Vol 55, Issue 11 - Columbia EP discographies

Nigel Burlinson burlinson at orange.fr
Tue Apr 9 13:17:17 PDT 2013

Anyone interested in Columbia EP's may like the following which Graeme 
Freeland and I compiled
between 2003 & 2008









Further numbers ie 1600- onwards available direct from me, if interested, at 
about ten pages
per 100 numbers as e-mail attachments....

Nigel Burlinson
burlinson at orange.fr

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> Searching there can be a little frustrating because they haven't updated 
> many of their index pages in quite some time. If you go to Google and 
> search "Global Dog Productions" site for whatever record label you're 
> interested in, things will sometimes show up there that aren't accessible 
> directly from the website. Like this Columbia EP discography.
> http://www.globaldogproductions.info/c/columbia-eps-01.html
> ?
> If there's a way to access that via their home page, I've never found it.
> ?
> What a way to run a railroad...er, website.
> ?
> Randy
> ?
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