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Here is the obit, thanks to Donna:

Boston Herald, 15 March 1980, p. 49
Stephen B. Fassett, 65, Boston,
Longy Music School trustee

  A memorial service for Stephen
B. Fassett, 65, of Boston, a trustee
of the Longy School of Music, Cam-
bridge, and a member of the Har-
vard Musical Association of Boston,
will be held today at 2:30 in the
Church of the Advent, Brimmer
  He died Tuesday at Massachu-
setts General Hospital.
  Born in Elmira, N.Y.,, he was the
son of Broadway actor, Jacob "Jay"
Sloan Fassett Jr., who recently died
in Sun Valley, Idaho.
  He operated the Fassett sound
recording studio in Boston from the
early 1950s.  He recorded many ac-
tors, actresses and singers. Among
them were Roland Hayes, opera;
Joan Baez, folk music; Doriot
Dwyer, instrumentalist, and Julie
Harris, actress.
  He was record editor of the Op-
era News from 1948-50 and also
wrote articles for Hobby Magazine.
Prior to moving to Boston, he had a
radio show in New York City play-
ing opera music and interviewing
opera singers.
  He leaves his wife, Frances
"Kitty" (Nicholas) Fassett; his
mother, Dorothy Chandler Fassett
of North Falmouth, and a brother,
Jacob Sloat Fassett III of West Fal-
  Arrangements were made by
Waterman & Mc Donald Funeral
Home, Boston.

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He wrote for Hobbies from at least 1942 until 1950 something?    

Articles concerning mostly historical opera singers with some early recording history (like a history of Pather Freres) with  a
strong discographer's  bent  (like listings of Opera Disc  issues year by year.)   

 I was last night reading his very entertaining article on the then new discovery of the 12 Bettini cylinders that were found in

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The LP mentioned is PELICAN LP 2028  ROLAND HAYES  Afro-American Folksongs  [(p)(c)1983]
It is pretty uncommon, but does appear on eBay, sometimes quite reasonably priced.

The SMITHSONIAN CD RD-041  is unfortunately out of print, but shows up regularly on collector sites.

Fassett was instrumental in getting VANGUARD to record a number of HAYES LP's in the 1950's, which have
been made available on a 2-CD set PREISER 93462 The Art of Roland Hayes

His recordings of Joan Baez, Bill Wood and Ted Alevizos were released on a limited edition Veritas
LP "Folksingers Round Harvard Square" , but subsequently reissued by many companies, some deleting some tracks not the tracks by

He recorded many(?) of the releases issued on PATHWAYS OF SOUND.

He recorded R.BUCKMINSTER FULLER, issued on CREDO.

must be many more - please let me know of other albums he recorded.  Thanks!

I have not seen the HOBBIES work - please let me know the scope of his writings.  Thanks!

Best wishes, Thomas.

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Also, there is this from the Boston Globe (28 January 1996), about
Roland Hayes' life, the great voice he had, some of the places he
performed, how he was treated in Europe versus how he was treated in the
US, as well as what recordings of his there are today.  The article
notes that "... only a relatively small number of [his recordings] are
available on CD. There is a collection put out by the Smithsonian
Institution (the result of years of devoted effort by engineer Stephen
B. Fassett and his widow, Kitty)."

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