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David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Fri Mar 8 10:18:04 PST 2013

It's the 830 and I actually do have the manual..someplace (like everything). 
I'll try what you've suggested. For now, on this disc, using from the last 
point is fine for short items where I don't feel like wasting a whole new CD.


On 3/8/2013 12:58 PM, Alan Bunting wrote:
> As with all re-writable CD recorders you can only erase or overwrite the last track on the CD-R.  Most HHBs have the option to erase more than one track at a time so, for example, if you have 10 tracks recorded you can choose to erase only track 10, tracks 9&  10, tracks 8, 9&  10, tracks 7, 8, 9&  10 etc. or all 10.
> If the discs isn't finalised then "Erase Last" appears on the display and can also be switched to the combinations shown above including "Erase All".  If the option "Erase TOC" appears then the disc is finalised and erasing the TOC returns it to an unfinalised state at which point you can start erasing tracks as above or, if there's room, add more tracks.
> I assume you don't have the manual for your HHB so if it's the last model they made (The 830 Burnit) you can find one here (most of the instructions also apply to earlier models):
> http://www.hhb.co.uk/files/brochures/BURNITUG.PDF
> Alan Bunting
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>> I use an HHB standalone burner. I tried it..it erased the TOC but will now want
>> to start recording on the remaining 72 minutes. I can deal with that since I'd
>> want this only for a couple of tracks, which I'd then rip and send on their
>> merry way (I don't record via computer). But is there a way to overwrite on the
>> HHB?
>> dl
>> On 3/8/2013 10:21 AM, kil at roadrunner.com wrote:
>>> If I understand you correctly, you want to erase the CD-RW.  I do this all the time, hundreds of times on the same disc.  Put the disc in the drawer, click start, then click computer where you will see the disc.  Highlight it and the erase option will come up.  I'm using a Windows 7 PC, by the way.
>>> RayK
>>> ---- David Lennick<   wrote:
>>>> How do I re-use a rewritable CD? Or can it only be reused as long as it hasn't
>>>> been finalized? I bought a box of them some years ago (TDK) and they have no
>>>> information on case, inlay or box, and I can't find any clear info online.
>>>> dl
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