[78-L] Harry Roy - US Decca four record Album 188

GAVIN WHITELAW gavw at btopenworld.com
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Not sure if there was a printed insert.

As custodian of the Harry Roy Appreciation Societies 78rpm collection I have two copies of this set.  I will check and see if there is an insert and if you wish I can scan it for you.

I am still looking for the two American issued Harry Roy 78s on the London label if anyone can help.

225 The Dream Peddler/She Picked it up in Mexico

234 You Made a Plaything out of my Heart/The Old Gal's got that New Look

Never issued in the UK, and seemingly not that popular over the pond.......if anyone can help I would be grateful.

We have NEARLY everything that Harry recorded, only a few are missing!

Gavin R Whitelaw 

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Thank you all so much for your prompt replies and offers of help.
If there was a printed insert - then that is missing.  
There are four discs :  1314, 3529, 3530 and 1043.   I now feel 1314 is an intruder and maybe replaced a missing or damaged disc.
Russ B
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