[78-L] Canadian 78 Tall Paul on Sparton

Robert M. Bratcher Jr. rbratcherjr at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 4 13:15:05 PST 2013

Thanks David. I know it exists since I've seen it on the internet. Need you to do something for me though. If you ever find one in VG or better condition would you please let me know so that I could buy it from you? The other way I guess I could get one is put a Wanted To Buy ad on Ebay & hope that one turns up since it wasn't released on 78 RPM in the USA at all & yes I do have a mint condition 45 of it but no picture sleeve unlike many of my other Annette 45's in which I have the picture sleeve although I'm still looking for some of the picture sleeves so I can have all of them. Hardest picture sleeve I've had to track down was the one for Teenage Wedding & that one cost me some bucks!! 

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>I don't think it's uncommon up here..never seen a picture sleeve though.
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>> Does anybody have or have you seen the Canadian 78 RPM version of Annette Funicello singing Tall Paul/Ma He's Making Eyes At Me? If so then just how rare it it? I'd like to find one some day if at all possible for my collection hopefully with the picture sleeve if it was issued with one!
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