[78-L] Approximating 78s age by physical characteristics

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I also own some European Odeon (recorded in Germany) with eccentric locked 
groove, from 1935.


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>>> added eccentric lead-out groove
>>Victor started around 1921 with an eccentric groove, but as the 20s went
> on others had lead outs but not all were eccentric. By 1933 I think
> most had eccentrics.
> Victor had a patented automatic brake system which included the eccentric 
> groove. No one but Victor and its overseas affiliates were licensed to use 
> it. In November of 1934 RCA announced that it would begin allowing other 
> companies to use it. No reason was given but I assume there was some kind 
> of quid pro quo with the jukebox industry. I've seen European discs from 
> as late as 1937 with simple runouts.

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