[78-L] Approximating 78s age by physical characteristics

Michael Biel mbiel at mbiel.com
Mon Mar 4 00:27:28 PST 2013

Trying to catch up on two points.  I capitalized New Process because
this was a new advertised feature for Columbia in 1923, and coincided
with the flag label.  You will see this advertised on the sleeves. BUT
as someone said, the blue and gold Columbias were also laminated.  There
might have been some kind of change at the factory at that point, or
maybe this denoted the use of a higher quality surface shellac.  However
there is another point I need to make.  Not all blue and gold Columbias
were laminated.  Many were solid.  Off hand, I think the solid ones
usually had a deep pressing groove near the outside edge of the label. 
You will also find that the Large Note label discs are also sometimes
laminated and sometimes solid.  

Mike Biel   mbiel at mbiel.com

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