[78-L] Victor Program Transcription album

Han Enderman jcenderman at solcon.nl
Sun Feb 24 08:34:49 PST 2013

An unusual early longplay album (c.1932) is available at ebay # 370764554565:


It is STOKOWSKI: SZOSTAKOWICZ, Symphony no. 1 (Victor Program Transcription L 11744-6).

The record label of L-11744-B (12" 33rpm) shows mx 78454, and at left:
LAM 192-4, which must be the side in the album.

Some remarks:
I have a few label images in the L-11600 series (in range L-11600-11669).
These do not mention mxs or album nrs on the labels.
Was the L-11700 series a new series or a continuation of the L-11600 series?
What is the meaning of LAM? Is this part of a single album series, with the L added for LP albums?
Record L-11744 couples sides 1 and 4, evidently (and not 1-2 or 1-6). Semi-Manual or Semi-Automatic?

han enderman

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