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I had childhood friends named Baruch.  They pronounced it Baroosh,  
probably because American ears weren't accustomed to the hard Kh sound and they  
had tired of correcting people.
Consider how people deal with Charosh.  I don't care how people  pronounce 
it, as long I know they are talking to me, not to someone else.   I 
pronounce with a soft Ch, as in chocolate:  Cha-rish.  (Accent  on the first 
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dlennick at sympatico.ca writes:

Hey, OTR  fans, did Andre Baruch pronounce his last name "Ba-ROOSH"? I'd 
assumed it was ba-ROOK but the tobacco auctioneer Speed Riggs clearly says  
"Well, it's like this, Mr. Baroosh".

With men who know tobacco,  it's Baroosh, two to one.

Have you tried a Baroosh lately?

It's  toasted.

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