[78-L] Contents of HMV B.2333

Han Enderman jcenderman at solcon.nl
Tue Feb 19 05:13:47 PST 2013

HMV B-2333 has been issued, since I have a label scan of this title.
The take is in the wax, as on Victor, but cannot be read on the image.
But prob. will be -3, as given by Rust.

han enderman
>>> Rust and Debus show a Whispering Jack Smith master, "Loud Speakin' Papa (You'd Better Speak Easy to Me)", BVE-33399-3, as being issued on HMV B.2333. 
The EDVR, however, indicates take 1 as "master/destroy", take 2 as "destroy", and take 3 as "hold/destroy". Can anyone verify whether "Loud Speakin' Papa" was issued under this or another catalogue number?


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