[78-L] CBS Great Performances

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
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Whew..London Stereo Treasury Series. If pressed in England, OK. If pressed in 
Canada in the 70s, cut at very low levels. If pressed in the US and have yellow 
labels, frisbees. I've seen some where the label tore in the press and parts of 
it extend into the dead area.


On 1/31/2013 11:40 AM, Robert M. Bratcher Jr. wrote:
> I have quite a number of those Great Performances LP's&  even have some on CD's too as I collect this series whenever I can find them used&  I did buy some of them brand new in both LP&  CD formats when these reissues were first released plus I do have a few original Columbia 2 eye&  6 eye original stereo issues to compare with&  yes the reissues are quite good. Better than Columbia's Odyssey reissue series who's remastering seems to be fairly good although the vinyl pressings are inferior to the Great Performances series in my opinion as I collect Odyssey reissues too on LP's whenever I can find them just like I collect the London Stereo Treasury series reissues on LP's too which sound very good&  are also well pressed records too.
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>> Their CD equivalents were pretty barebones and I can't recall picking up many
>> of them, but the lps in the late 70s or early 80s were well pressed. In the
>> case of reissues of early stereo recordings, they were probably better mastered
>> in many instances.
>> dl
>> On 1/24/2013 4:11 PM, Stewart, Joseph R wrote:
>>> Don Chichester asked:
>>> For years I've been picking up these CBS LPs at thrift shops.  What is the opinion of their sound?  Are they well processed?
>>> I think they'd be excellent buys at thrift-shop prices.  We had tons of 'em at KSMU in the pre-CD era, and they always seemed to be decent enough remaster jobs and pretty well pressed--often better quality than CBS's lowest-price reissue series, Odyssey, at any rate.  The Great Performances series may not have the "collectability" of original "6-eye" and "2-eye" Columbia Masterworks gray-label pressings of the same recordings, but I honestly doubt most of the original LPs actually sounded all that much better.  (It IS Columbia we're talking about, after all.) Needless to say, the performances (Bernstein, Szell, Ormandy, Walter, Stern, Gould et al.) are top-notch.
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